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International make-up and hair stylist

Adelé van Niekerk


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About me

From high class celebrities to your most elegant bride. I have over 27 years of experience within the beauty and style industry and therefore my background allows me to advise and adapt to each individuals needs, as far as possible. My passion is to be able to create a memorable moment and experience for every special occasion. Your confidence is key and feeling good about yourself opens up a whole new world of self-worth and confirmation of the uniqueness that has always been hidden within you. My dream is to give that experience to as many people as possible so that they can realize the gift was always within themselves. The jewel within is simply highligted by the journey of your special day.

Wedding & Matric Farewells

Special Events

Make Overs

Olyf Groen – Isaiah 61



Let me come to you

Our whole approach is fully mobile and any location nationwide or international is possible. This allows you to be comfortable in your space and takes the added stress of traveling off your shoulders. We make sure you and your party are ready and stunning before the photographer sweeps you away for your special day!



Eye for Style

Olyf Groen

  • Commitment to yourself
  • Healthy supplements
  • Inside cleansing
  • Better you, day by day
  • Connected hope

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Healing one life at a time

OlyfGreen is a combination of different product ranges, holistic retreats and so much more. We offer a supportive service by combining therapy with natural healing products. Spirit, soul and body might be broken now, but the healing of your spirit will in return automatically recover the soul and the body. So take a deep breath and take the first step in letting OlyfGreen help you start your journey.


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